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The Attach Back

Hey my fashion forward family! I know that it has been a while since my last blog, but ya know life moves faster than i can type. Look guys I want to show you all this awesome gadget that I thought was pretty cool. There’s this thing called the “Attach Back”, guys when I say this is about to change how we use our cell phones cases I MEAN it.

Attach Back is a revolutionary new product that makes it possible to use more than one phone attachment. Currently, phone attachments like card holders, kickstands, and Popsockets are semi-permanent and difficult to remove in the event you need to use a different attachment. Attach Back is seriously a game changer. Attach Back consists of two parts: a base, and a plate. The base sticks to the back of your phone and is semi-permanent like normal phone attachments. The plates can be attached and detached from the base. The plates offer a smooth surface upon which you can stick any phone attachment. You’ll want to stick each phone attachment you have to a different plate – that way, you’ll unlock the freedom to use whichever phone attachment you want, whenever you want. I know I have 3 different phone cases: One for my POPL, one for my wallet pouch, and one with nothing on it which is seriously ridiculous. AttachBack is going to to make it possible to only need one phonecase. But what I like most about the Attach Back is that the idea came from 3 college students from Bradley U. We have to support millennial innovation. This is something I have been WAITING for! You guys should go check out their site. They actually have not launched this yet, but they have a email update list. You all should sign up! Let me know what you think. Is this something that’s gonna revolutionize cell phone accessories?



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